Food and Drink

Commercial Chiller Cabinet Installers Across London, Kent and South East

FLR Cooling is a leading supplier of climate controlled food and drinks chiller cabinets and display units.

We stock commercial quality fridges, freezers, beer coolers, chest freezers and beer fridges as well as wine chillers and chiller cabinets, to name but a few of our most popular products. Whether you are looking to showcase your chilled food and drink or just want to serve clients and employees from professional units, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your individual requirements. Our staff are highly-trained and qualified Commercial Chiller Cabinet Installers and will provide you with an efficient, impeccable service.

Food and Drink

We know that it isn’t just dedicated food and drink specialists that are looking to be able to offer satisfyingly cool beverages and safely stored snacks to their customers. Businesses from estate agents to car dealerships are embracing the opportunity to provide a better experience and service to their customers.

Whatever your requirements, from a dedicated commercial aspect to a small addition to your existing setup, we have a wide range of display refrigeration products to suit your needs and budget perfectly.

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