Funeral Homes and Mortuaries

Mortuary Cabinet Installers Across London, Kent and South East

FLR Cooling has partnered with some of the most recognised manufacturers in the industry to provide a range of dedicated products for morgues, mortuaries and funeral homes.

Our range of chilled storage and refrigerated mortuary cabinets are manufactured to the highest standards. They are designed to meet the professional criteria of funeral homes and hospital mortuaries. FLR Cooling also offers a wide range of embalming and handling equipment alongside our full installation services. Contact our highly-trained, qualified and professional team of Mortuary Cabinet Installers today. We can consult on and provision every aspect of our ergonomic and fully integrated solutions.

Funeral Homes and Mortuaries

As part of the wider FLR group, we can offer multiple services such as interior design, telecommumications and security installations if you are planning an expansion or update to your facilities.

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