Server Rooms

Commercial Server Room Installers Across London, Kent and South East

Facility temperature control is a vital and critical aspect of your core operations.

Within the heart of your server room or data centre, the performance of your telecommunications equipment is what your business depends on to keep functioning and performing. With equipment running 24/7, temperature control is a necessary component of your setup. Heat generation can result in flexing and distortion in cabling and computer components, and even weaken the structural integrity of racks and hardware. Our Commercial Server Room Installers are highly-trained and qualified to provide you with the best quality service.


To maintain your system’s integrity, you need to have confidence in the reliability and precision of your cooling equipment. As specialists in telecommunications and cooling solutions, FLR Cooling offers the necessary knowledge and experience that few of our competitors can match. From lightweight, low noise hardware to zero-halogen cabling, we can supply and install every required aspect of your new server room or upgrade.

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